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Chargers fall on hard times at the midway point

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OK so this is a break from SGV sports to talk about the only NFL football team that matters to me, the San Diego Chargers. I imagine since the Chargers are having a bad season thus far, undearachieving, or you might say struggling at 3-5 midway through the season, there are many who are going to jump off the bandwagon in the southland.

I honestly don’t know how this team is doing this considering all the talent they have, except to say it’s a dissapointment. Actually I take that back. I break down some of the key problems and provide some analysis, also I answer the question: Can the Chargers turn it around and still make the playoffs?

The Schedule: Actually, yes they can, but they are going to have to start putting a run and winning some games down the stretch, especially on the road. When you look at the fact that Denver could lose on Sunday, SD would only be one game back of the Broncos in a very weak division. Because of strength of schedule alone, the Chargers would have to win more games down the stretch and then beat Denver in the final game of the season to qualify for post season competition. The Broncos beat SD in week 2, but over a controversial call and the Chargers also have lost most of their games by close margins. All they need is to go on a run in Nov. and Dec to win the West and for Denver to fall flat on their noses.

 The Defense: This is a major negative working against the team’s chances. This unit has been horrible all season, giving up points and putting almost no pressure on opposing quarterbacks. It has been dissapointing to see that they have not stepped up following the loss of Shawn Merriman for the season. Make no mistake about it, Merriman is an impact player and IMHO the best linebacker in football, losing him has trickled down to the rest of the d, they miss the energy and play making that Merriman brings to the table, but what’s the secondary’s excuse? They are simply horrible.

The Injuries: Injuries have been the bane of this team since the AFC championship in which both Antonio Gates and Ladanian Tomlinson sat out due to serious injuries. Is there anyone who seriously thought the Chargers would not have challenged New England for the super bowl last season had all their stars been 100 percent? L.T. is just apparently getting back from a nagging toe injury and his numbers indicate his production has been lower this season. He had a 100+ yard game last week in a loss to New Orleans, but can his return to form be enough to save the season?

The Chargers have not looked remotely like the team which went to the AFC championship game last season, and this is too bad because the offense is playing well, with the exception of a bad game Phillip Rivers had against the Buffalo Bills. The talent is there, the team just needs to piece it together in the second half because a 3-5 record which should be more like 5-3 is a big dissapointment for such a talented unit.


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October 30, 2008 at 11:48 pm

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